A picturesque fishing village located on the eastern coast of India, Vizag has come a long way from its humble origins. Lauded as the most secure natural harbor in Asia, it is now an important industrial hub. Apart from the recognition that has been bestowed upon it by industrialization, Vizag also has a historical identity. Serene Beaches which are an expanse of golden sand, lush green valleys, fertile fields and awe-inspiring monuments constitute the charm of this port city. Calm and understated, Vizag hides mysteries which can only be explored at leisure in a self-drive car. For those who want the convenience of a self-drive car without the financial liabilities that come with it, Mandem Car Rental offers self drive car rental in Vizag. We will bear all the liabilities that are attached to the vehicle so that you can enjoy a hassle-free drive in the city. All our cars have an all India permit and are equipped with the road side assistance support. The car will be fueled up at the time of delivery so that you can commence your journey immediately instead of spending time at the fuel station. The insurance costs and taxes are included in the amount you pay at the time of booking.

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